1. Food: We recommend Original Flavor Iams adult cat food. This should be fed free choice.
2. Exercise: A large plastic wheel, preferably 12″. We recommend Carolina Storm Wheel and the  Silent Spinner .
3. Bedding:  Sofresh pelleted or crumbled paper bedding or any other paper bedding is best. We do not recommend fleece or wood chips of any kind.
4. Water: A water bowl or bottle
5. Shelter: A plastic container (purchased from Walmart for $15), fish tank, or any other small mammal cage. Minimum size 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft.
6. House: Hedgehogs like to burrow and therefore need an igloo or other shelter.
7. Heat: The ambient temperature of your hedgehog’s cage must be kept between 73 and 80 degrees. Reptile heating pads work well when placed underneath the bottom of a plastic cage. There are a variety of heat lamps, some which emit no light, which your local pet store can help you choose.


1. Mealworms (no superworms), waxworms, and crickets for treats.
2. Carrier for trips
3. Diatomaceous Earth to place in a pan and allow the hedgehog to take a dust bath.
4. Sleep sack 

We do NOT recommend the following

1. Hamster Balls
2. Heat rocks
3. Fruits or veggies

To contact us 860-377-5450

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