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Aren’t females generally better pets? That’s what I’ve read on the internet.
Trust a breeder, not random websites. There is generally no difference in temperament or care between males and females. Some females can become grumpy a few days before giving birth. Apart from that, they both make great pets regardless of gender.

I’ve placed a deposit. Now what?
Great! You’re on your way to becoming a hedgehog owner! But you might have to wait a little. As soon as we have pictures of the litter (at about 2.5 weeks when the eyes open) we will email them to you and post them here on our website. Once the babies have been photographed and gender determined, you will select your hedgie based on the order of your deposit.

Is this an appropriate pet for my children?
Yes, they tend to not bite and are slow moving so no worries of losing them in your house. There is significantly less odor than with rodents. With instruction, handling is easy and rewarding.

Can you call me when the litter is born so I can put down a deposit?
We receive several calls daily. Keeping track of all potential customers would be difficult. Additionally, by the time the litter is born, we will  have received more deposits than we have babies. Plan on placing a deposit 1-2 months before you pick up your hedgehog.

Is shipping available?
We no longer offer shipping at this time. Sorry!

How often should I bathe my hedgehog?
As infrequently as possible. Hedgehogs don’t appreciate baths and the water dries out their skin, stripping it of natural oils. We recommend a foot bath when needed. Let your hedgie run around in about 1 inch of water to clean the feet. If the quills are visibly soiled, then go ahead and give a warm water bath, cleaning the quills with a sponge or toothbrush.

Will my hedgehog prick or bite me?
Hedgehogs only huff as a defense mechanism. If handled properly, they should never cause you pain and certainly won’t break the skin. The quills will not become stuck in your skin either. As biting is not a defense mechanism in hedgehogs, it occurs very rarely..

How will my hedgehog do with my other pets?
Fine. Hedgehogs are not bothered by other animals. The worst they will do is huff and go into a ball. Unless you have a badger, your pet will be unable to do any damage to your hedgehog. Of course there should be supervision at all times.

Can hedgehogs cohabitate?
Yes, two females can live together. Two males may not get along.

Will my hedgehog hibernate?
Hopefully not. On rare occasions, even when the temperature is kept at 73 degrees or above, a hedgehog might begin the process of early hibernation. You will notice lethargy, lack of appetite, wobbliness, and cold skin. Place him/her under your shirt to raise the body temperature. Then check the ambient temperature in the room and add some extra bedding to the cage. All will be fine.

Since hedgehogs are nocturnal, should I play with mine only at night?
Any time you want to interact with your hedgie is a good time. Just like us, your hedgehog might have a moment of grumpiness after waking, but that will pass quickly.

My hedgehog is so grumpy when I try to get her out of the cage. Is she feeling ill?
Unlikely. All hedgehogs, no matter how friendly, prefer not to be removed from their cages. They will huff, ball up, and even hiss. Ignore it. This is harmless. Just snatch your hedgie right out of the cage and she will start acting herself again.

How many mealworms and/or crickets should I feed per day?
Remember that mealworms are a treat not a necessity. Four or five daily is sufficient. Waxworms also make a tasty treat, but refrain from feeding superworms which have too high a fat content.

What is the life expectancy of my hedgehog?
Between 3 and 5 years with many living longer. However, if your hedgehog lives to 3, it has lived a full life.

Can I return my hedgehog?
We certainly understand that lifestyle changes may result in you needing to rehome your hedgehog. We would be glad to take your hedgehog back, but will not be able to compensate you.

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