Here are some general tips to ensure that your hedgehog-owning experience is a  positive one. Please visit our youtube channel here.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are small mammals that are distantly related to shrews. They are neither rodents nor relatives of porcupines. Other species of hedgehogs can be found throughout Europe, Africa,  Asia, and Australia. Hedgehogs are insectivorous and enjoy a mixed diet of high-quality cat food, meal worms, and crickets. They are easy keepers. A simple small-animal cage with a wheel and shelter are sufficient.

  • Handle your hedgehogs daily. See the following video for tips on huffy hedgehogs.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd4_H-1wwOQ
  • Remove your hedgehog from the cage before interacting. Gloves may be useful if you are an inexperienced handler, but not necessary. No matter how friendly the hedgehog, he or she WILL HUFF when being removed from the cage so do it quickly. This will immediately subside once out of the cage.
  • Feed your hedgie just like you would a cat: freechoice fresh cat food at all times.
  • Feed mealworms and crickets as treats outside of the cage. Do not feed by hand as they may mistake a finger for a treat.
  • Bathe your hedgehog in warm water no more than once per month and only if visibly soiled. A foot bath in 1 inch of water is preferred.
  • We do not recommend that you feed fruits, vegetables, or other food.
  • Beware of early hibernation. A cool-to-the-touch, wobbly, or lethargic hedgehog may be trying to hibernate. This is dangerous. Raise the ambient temperature in the room and place the hedgehog against your skin to increase body temp.
  • Two female hedgehogs may cohabitate but be sure to offer two shelters and two wheels.
  • Tons of great info as well as a color guide can be found at http://www.hedgehogcentral.com

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